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Our aim is simple... To be part of the professional team that make a perfect smile. How do we do that? By producing the best appliances  and so assisting the clinical team in providing the patient with the best possible care...


Meaning your patient leaves happy with their smile.


Here at Wirewright Orthodontics we have a dedicated team that don’t generalise... we specialise! From our laboratory in Yeovil, our dental technicians directly serve dentists all over the the country and we’re proud to produce quality appliances for specialist orthodontic practices, hospitals and general dental practices throughout the UK.


Contact with you and your clinical team is important to us - wherever you are - our goal is to provide you with a special clinician/technician relationship; one that allows us to tailor our services to meet your individual requirements.


3D Orthodontic Scanning Services Dorset and South West

We have always been very pleased with the service from Wirewright and the fact that we have worked with Kevin and his team for over a decade, is testament to that.  As we have modernized our systems, so have Wirewright and that has meant we can continue to work on a compatible level.  All of the team are all very friendly and efficient too.

Alex Catton


Finance & Marketing Manager

Resolution Specialist Treatment Centre & Apex Dental Group



Tel: 01935 477468

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